• Central Hightlands
  • Melghat

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 19 Feb 2017: Day 50 (Pune – Tansa – Jalgaon, 574 km, 14 Hrs) We were on a mission today and armed with credible intelligence from our friend Ronit on the area where he had spotted a Forest Owlet a few weeks ago, we set out towards the […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Goodbye Sahyadris

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 14 Feb 2017: Day 45 (Coimbatore – Ooty – Masinagudi – Thirunelly, 293 km, 10 Hrs) Since we were now returning back home, we decided to try our luck spotting some of the birds that we had missed out earlier. The first one on the list was the […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Anaimalai Hills

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 12 Feb 2017: Day 43 (Kumily – Marayoor, 150 km, 4 Hrs) After a delicious breakfast of Idiyappam, we finally commenced our long journey back home and stopped at Marayoor for the night. We reached Marayoor by 1330 Hrs and settled in at the Marayoor Holidays Guest House. […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Periyar

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 10 Feb 2017: Day 41 (Munnar – Kumily, 90 km, 3 Hrs) After some amazing roast dosas at Saravana Bhavan, we commenced our drive to Kumily at 0850 Hrs reaching Panthalam homestay by noon. Our very affable host, Mr. Shukkoor guided us on the various things we could […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Munnar

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 8 Feb 2017: Day 39 (Thattekad – Munnar, 83 km, 2 Hrs) We picked up Vinod from the sanctuary gate and commenced our drive at 0350 Hrs, reaching Munnar by 0600 Hrs. Upon reaching Munnar, we crossed the main market and parked our car near the Ganesan Temple […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Thattekad

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 6 Feb 2017: Day 37 (Thattekad and around) We met Vinod at 0600 Hrs at the tea stall next to the Sanctuary gate, had a quick cup of tea and drove down to the Urulanthanni forest. From here on, we hiked and Vinod led us up a massive […]

  • Nilgiri Plateau
  • Masinagudi

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 3 Feb 2017: Day 34 (Kotagiri – Masinagudi, 66 km, 2 Hrs) The original plan was to spend the next few days at Thattekad, but since Vinod, our Thattekad contact was busy, we contacted Siddan, the naturalist at Masinagudi and fixed up the next few days of birding […]

  • Nilgiri Plateau
  • Kotagiri

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 1 Feb 2017: Day 32 (Kotagiri and around) We woke up to a chilly morning in the Nilgiris and warmed ourselves with a hot cup of aromatic tea before driving down to meet Aggal Sir and then proceeding to Sim’s Park at Coonoor. While it was still misty, […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Thirunelly

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 30 Jan 2017: Day 30 (Thirunelly and around) After a quick breakfast, we set out to explore the area and hiked across the hilly terrain, but the hills were engulfed in the early morning fog making birding a little tricky. To add to this, a wild tusker came […]

  • Western Ghats
  • Kali Tiger Reserve – Anshi

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 25 Jan 2017: Day 25 (Cotigao – Anshi, 82 km, 2 Hrs) After a delicious breakfast, we commenced our drive reaching Anshi Nature Camp by 1000 Hrs. Within the camp grounds, we spotted several birds including Brown-breasted Flycatcher, Orange-headed Thrush and a Nilgiri Flowerpecker. After lunch, we explored […]

  • Western Coast
  • Zuari River and Cotigao

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 23 Jan 2017: Day 23 (Surla – Cortalim – Cotigao) We reached the Cortalim Jetty sharp at 0700 Hrs and finished off our breakfast while we waited for Mrs. Kamat. She soon arrived and introduced us to Frankie, the guide-cum- boatman for the morning. Other guests came shortly […]

  • Gujarat Rajputana
  • Jamnagar

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 11 Jan 2017: Day 11 (Moti Virani – Jamnagar, 316 km, 6 Hrs) We commenced our drive from Moti Virani at 0730 Hrs reaching the coastal city of Jamnagar at 1300 Hrs. There we checked in at the Hotel President and even before going to our room, paid […]

  • Kutch
  • Moti Virani

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 9 Jan 2017: Day 9 (Lodai – Moti Virani, 79 km, 2 Hrs) We departed Lodai at 0620 Hrs and drove further west to reach Moti Virani by 0830 Hrs. Jugal Sir was prepared for our arrival and after a quick cup of tea at his homestay, we […]

  • Kutch
  • Lodai

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 7 Jan 2017: Day 7 (LRK – Lodai, 268 km, 5 Hrs) We left Patdi at 0620 Hrs and drove west towards the Great Rann of Kutch. As we drove miles and miles of desert roads without any sign of life, we started realizing the feeling of being […]

  • Gujarat Rajputana
  • Kumbhalgarh

    Background: Drive to the Sahyadris The Drive 2 Jan 2017: Day 2 (Sariska – Kumbhalgarh, 449 km, 7 Hrs) We had to decide between two options – either a morning safari at Sariska or leave Sariska early and drive to Kumbhalgarh for some evening birding. The weather helped us make our decision; fog engulfed the […]

  • Brahmaputra Plains
  • Manas National Park

    Summary: We spent a week at the Manas National Park in the expert company of Rustom. The park is beautifully set in the backdrop of the Himalayas and is a blend of grasslands and dry deciduous forests. It is breathtaking to witness the land transform from a dense forest to grassland within a few minutes […]

  • Thar
  • Tal Chhapar

    Summary: We drove to Tal Chhapar during the 2015 Christmas weekend. Key birds spotted during the trip were the White-browed Bushchat, Kashmir Flycatcher, Brooks’s Leaf Warbler, Spotted Creeper, Red-tailed Wheatear among others. Travel Dates: 24 Dec 2015 – 27 Dec 2015 Location covered: Tal Chhapar and surroundings Interstate Travel: Self Drive Noida – Gurgaon – […]

  • Thar
  • Desert National Park

    Summary: A short trip was planned to the Dessert National Park with an aim to spot the Great Indian Bustard. Birding was exceptional and some of the key birds spotted were: Great Indian Bustard (Godavan), Macqueen’s Bustard, Trumpeter Finch and Cream-coloured Courser among others. Apart from the excellent birding, we managed to spot several mammals […]